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June 18, 2013
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TS: Arya by silverblossoms TS: Arya by silverblossoms
OHOHOOOO For :iconsparklesplz::iconthesuitors::iconsparklesplz:

Finally done u v u uhuuuu will add more info later... too sick to think right now //sobb

Name: Arya 
Age: 19 
Height: 5'5
God Pertaining to: Kumiho 
Servants: Eun
Area of Residence: Metal Heap
Battle Orientation: Offence
Weapon 1: Twin Silver Pistols (only uses in her normal form) 
Weapon 2: Silver Steel Needles (uses in both forms)
Job: Thief

Arya is pretty carefree and easy going. Doesn't care much about what is going on and doesn't like to get into other peoples business or have people go into hers. After what has happen to the world Arya has become pretty independant and skilled with her job. It doesn't take her a long time to learn new things. She likes to enhance on her skills as much as she can or even learn some new skills. Has the ability to unlock locks and other devices.

She can get along with people. However, boys annoys her and so she doesn't really like talking to them, so she would use her cellphone to communicate with males. You could say that she doesn't get attracted to guys easily. Most of the time she would hang out with girls or by herself, she would try not to hang out with guys.  But not just boys, if anyone annoys her she wouldn't want to talk to them directly and uses her cellphone instead. (after using her cell for so long she can text pretty fast) She just finds them annoying and irritating.

Very stubborn when it comes to many things and a bit tsundere at times... just a little. But shes very caring if you are close to her.. should do whatever it takes to keep those close to her safe.


+/- Eun (doesn't know if she likes him or not)
+ Fighting 
+ Night time (when she can travel and snoop around)
+ Dark chocolate / bittersweet things
+ Her cellphone 
+ Coffee
+ Adventuring around
+ Children (she finds them very innocent and the only thing that makes the world now better)
+ Cards
- Boys (finds them annoying.. but she is straight) 
- Doing nothing all day
- The sun (too hot for her) 
- Doesn't like sweets much, but bitter sweet is okay for her
- What happened in her past when the world ended
- Annoying people/ loud people

Pre-Apocalyptic History:

Arya lived away from her parents for university. So she supported herself by working at a cafe near her university. Personally she isn't very close to her parents at all. When she should be, considering she is an only child. But it wasn't always like this. They were a close loving family when Arya was younger. As she grew older, she started to loose that connection with her parents. Though she didn't mind. Being alone.. she found that it was much easier. (she used to live in the city but after judgement day she wandered to the metal heap)

When she was around 15 her father wanted her to be able to protect herself. So he taught her how to fight hand to hand combat and also how to use guns and throw daggers (but she uses steel silver needles because she finds it easier to maneuver). And all this was just to protect herself and to make her into a stronger person. Arya didn't mind learning new things, she would learn it and personally add more techniques to it so that it would be her own personal skill. After those training/lessons she didn't talk to her father much anymore, or her mother. In a way it was like she wasn't there but was.. she would eat with them but that would be the only interaction they have. After her training her father gave her twin pistols.

Arya had friends, but most were girls since she found boys just irritating. There were only a very few boys that Arya actually opens up to. (but it would mean a lot of work for them to have her open up) There isn't really a reason or explanation why she finds then annoying.. it was kinda like shes born with it...(LOL;;;; ) so basically she never had a relationship either.. However she doesn't feel the same when its a little boy, basically as long as they are children she would talk to them and be near them.

During the day of judgement day Arya's parents visited her just to see how she was doing. As she and her parents sat in her living room she could feel a sudden ground shaking feeling around her house. Everything was crashing to the ground and her parents were holding onto each other while Arya went to the window and saw everything coming down. Suddenly the floor started to split, spreading to where her parents were sitting. She tried to go to them as fast as she could and was able to pull them away before falling into the crack. But when she turns around to see if her parents were alright, the roof above them came crashing down. It crushed her mom completely. However, it only caught her father's lower half body. She tried to get him out, even though she isn't close to him... she was desperate to save him, cause in the end he was still her father. Her father wanted her to save herself and just leave him since he cannot be saved. So he ask Arya to shoot him and end his suffering. Arya froze from what he had requested. Tears welled in her eyes, completely against the idea. But her father kept pushing her at and it was his last wish. Hesitantly, she took out her pistol and pointed at her dying father and with one pull on the trigger... she had ended her fathers life. Completely lifeless.. she was prepare to just let the chaos take her. But she remember why his father died for...

Now she may say she would shoot you, but she would be hesitant. After what she had to do to her father. In a way she feels if she doesn't get attach to anyone, she wouldn't have to feel like that again.

Post-Apocalyptic History:

Arya woke up from all rubble of the fallen buildings still dazed at what she had done. Her body ached and cut but she couldn't feel it.. she was numb from all the feelings she had. Pistols still in her hands she gets up, lifeless, and just started wandering. As she walks around she could see all the bodies laying around. After wandering for some time she collapse from exhaustion. she wasn't in the city anymore but was at where now is known as the metal heap.

After getting herself together again, she lives with Eun in the metal heap, traveling and wandering around at night; taking what she needs. Though she doesn't remember who Eun is, he claims to know her.

Additional Info:

-She has a tattoo on her leg and it turns dark purple when she is in her god form 
-She can use her fire power in her god form 
-Her fire can cause your nightmares to come alive and it will burn you from inside out
-Has ears in her god form but normally she doesn't show it because she doesn't think it looks good on her 
-Tends to wear her hood most of the time especially at night when she travels or does work //cough cough
-She wears a glove on her left hands (shown on the drawing)
-Knows hand to hand combat
-Modifies her own weapons
-Her first guy friend, other than Eun, after judgement day, that she has open up too is Haru *pikoriin's OC u v u

Arya and art belongs to *silverblossoms
Please do not trace, copy, steal, or heavily ref.
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HynoriStarlest Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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HynoriStarlest Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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It's really a shame that people steal amazing designs from other people :iconimdedplz:
silverblossoms Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student
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